Milking School DVD

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The complete DVD Set includes almost 6 hours of really wonderful lecture and demos. See the Milking School brochure on the front page for more info on content. Disc #1 is sold separately and includes an interview with Dr. Dettloff, who is the foremost American authority on the A1 vs A2 issue. He shares his perspective on the A1 mutation. He also tells us why he highly suggests feeding kelp, his view on vaccines, and educates about the top 5 Dr. Paul herbal products every barn should have. This disc also includes a pasture walk and calf demos (giving a shot, teaching to lead, tubing, etc.)Disc’s #2 & #3 come with a companion manual. Subjects include; How to feed your cow for optimal rumen health, How to buy hay, Breeding (including an Artificial Insemination explanation/demo), Calving, How to train your calf, When is the PROPER time to wean your calf from REAL milk, How to share milk with the calf, How to treat and supplement naturally and How to avoid and treat Mastitis. Milk fever, Ketosis, (what we call the 3 scourges of dairy cattle) and other subjects. It is a live event so you will hear the rooster singing and etc. We are so excited to finally have this tool to offer you!! The full price is $99 but we have an intro price of $80 for our 3 disc set (Almost 6 hours). You can also choose to purchase disc #1 separately for $35 or you can buy disc’s #2 & #3 together for $65. for questions contact us here

Consultations Offered

We find that so many times, people just want to ask us a few questions and learn. Now there’s a way you can do that. Contact us with ideal times, telephone #, and we’ll send you a Paypal invoice or you can send us a check for $35.00. This will cover one hour of phone consult time or we also welcome farm visits for the same. We also now include a free DVD of our one hour presentation called “The Return of the Family Milk Cow” that is full of great info.