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Milking School DVD This DVD Set includes almost 6 hours of really good lecture and demos.  See the Milking School brochure on the front page for content.  It will also come with a manual that reapeats some of the info and has additional info that we did not have time for during the day.  It is a live event and not done in a studio so you will hear the rooster singing and etc.  We are so excited to finally have this tool to offer you!!Price is $99 but we have an intro price of $80 for our 3 disc set (6 hours worth of content).  Additionally, you can choose to purchase disc one separately for $35 or you can buy disc’s two and three together for $65.  contact us here

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Small Standard Sized Registered Jersey’s in Milk

We offer these in the fall and take deposits ahead of time on the A2/A2′s.  They are on the smaller side and all have the grazing genetics.  Click here to contact us for more info.  We have been VERY pleased with these Jerseys.  These cows are very healthy and the vet is only called on as a rule for pregnancy checks and routine service unless there’s an injury.  Grazing foundation type Jerseys.   As all our cows, BVD and Johnes free herd.  Real treasures.  Contact us for more info.


 A2/A2 Jersey Cross-Bred Heifer available Junish – Sold

Meet Swiss Miss who is 3/4 Jersey 1/4 Brn. Swiss.  She is registered 1/2 Jersey.  Fostered onto a mama and dam raised for 5 months for a well-developed rumen.  The sire is a old type foundation grazing A2/A2 registered Jersey.  Her dam was a small Jersey/Brown Swiss.  Raised organically, grazing genetics- for more info click here,

Swiss Miss has been gentled but not spoiled and touched and handled all over as we do with all of our weanlings.  She is quietly aspiring to be a family milk cow. :)

Contact us for more information, pricing, and to place a deposit on your new girl.  Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re looking for.

Lavender in Front

Lavender in Front

 Lavender – Mid-Mini – 46″ – Double Registered with AJCA and as a Miniature Jersey – Foundation Pure- Sold

Meet our Lavender.  We have had a difficult time deciding to sell this little girl.  She is mid-mini and a very good producer in her fist lactation on grazing only and a little alfalfa and a couple handfuls of Organic grain mix.  She just freshened in January. 

She is the first one (the little one) and is 46″ tall. She stays in great condtion on grazing/good hay alone and is from a grazing background.  As all our cows, she has been dam raised for a well-developed rumen.

We really like this cow who can’t wait to be someones special family milk cow.She is docile, very sweet, has been hand and machine milked.

Contact us for more info and tell us a bit about yourself.



Jersey Cross Bred Heifers A2/A2 beta Casein

These should make some lovely family milkers, registered 1/2 Jersey and the offspring can be registered 3/4 Jersey with each successive generation being registered original, and then full Jersey. It is a wonderful opportunity to get an A2/A2 milk cow and of course as all our stock are raised on real milk for 4-5 months for a well-developed rumen and are BVD, Johnes, TB, and Brucellosis free of course.

contact us here.


                 Pic to come

Zoro-A1/A2 Mini Jersey Bull Calf   SOLD

Zoro was born Feb. 11, 2014.  He is a very cute little typy baby but we need to move him out to make room for our new babies coming.  His sire is the only 36″mini in the USA that is A2/A2 named Just My Luck and his dam is a doll of a little 37″ mini, named Patty Cake.  He is friendly and his sire is tame and able to be led by the family.  So he comes from sweetheart genes.  He holds promise as a little bull.  He will be less if purchased very soon and more as time goes on.  He will most likely be a Mulberry color as he gets his adult coat.  For more info contact us here.




Boo – A2/A2 Beta Casein 36″ Miniature
This LITTLE girl just freshened and due to it being the coldest night of the year lost her beautiful 3/4 Mini Jersey Heifer.  All of our cows must foster.  She is not thrilled with the idea and we have to put her in the stantion to nurse.  We need all our cows to take them to the field with them as we have to many to individually nurse each one.  We hate to give up an mini A2/A2 out of our herd, but for this reason, we are offering her for sale.She is registered Mini and a true mini at 36″.We will start milking her very soon and shortly afterward, she should be ready to go.  She will make a wonderful LITTLE milk cow for a homestead.For more info, Contact us Here.
 Tula nursing fall calf, good pic  Tula -Foundation Pure- Registered Jersey and Registered Mid Mini 44″ – RETAINED Tula is a doll.  We wanted to keep her lactating and couldn’t continue milking her.  She took to this little Holstein at first sight.  However, this lactation (her second) she would not adopt her second calf very well.  She has been machine and hand milked.  She is from a long like of grazing only organic cows and stays in great shape on good grazing/hay only.  She has had almost no grain in her life time. She is bred for a summer calf. She will make a special family milk cow for the right home.Contact us for more info.

We often have others not yet posted.

Most of our calves/cows are sold before we ever get them posted as I’m not uber good at the tech side of things, our “high” speed is better than hand-crank but just barely, AND we’re outside farming.  :)  

If you’re interested in something else, email us and let us know what you’re interested in and a little about your family cow aspirations. 


nc1  2015 – Registered Jersey Heifer Calves A2/A2
We are so pleased to offer you our Registered Jersey’s with grazing genetics  (why do we raise our cows on pasture?).  They are robust, healthy, raised on real milk long enough to have a well developed rumen (Usually 4-6 MONTHS, not weeks).  We feed very very little grain.  To us, grain is mostly a bonding tool and a way to top dress supplements when needed.  When you dam raise and don’t grain, the babies are little wild March hares!  So we offer a bit of “candy” to show them that people mean good things.  Our personal milk cows will get a quart at milking time as a rule, especially in the winter.  We have cows that have never had ANY grain and come from a farm that does not grain but we usually train them to know what grain is so we can use it when we “need” it.    (why don’t we feed GMO grain?)  We use only A2/A2 sires.  All calves are gentled from birth. We will have a few A1/A2 calves as well.  We also have a few Jersey-Heritage Dairy Breed calves each year.  Most are registered 1/2 Jersey.  Specify what you are interested in.Contact us here for more info and to place a deposit.  Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re looking for.

 Consultations Offered

We find that so many times, people just want to ask us a few questions and learn so they can apply what we are doing.  Now there’s a way you can do that.  Contact us with ideal times, telephone #, and we’ll send you a Paypal invoice or you can send us a check for $35.00.  This will cover one hour of phone consult time or we also welcome farm visits for the same.  We also now include a free DVD of our one hour presentation called “The Return of the Family Milk Cow” that is full of great info.